Jesus Christ Superstar

Muir Musical’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar opens this April! Tickets are now available for purchase.

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The Muir Musical is a UCSD student organization that produces one completely student-run musical theatre production annually. Students from all six UCSD colleges are invited to participate in a full-scale Broadway production that marks the single musical theatre opportunity for UCSD students all year long. The cast, crew, orchestra, and production staff of each Muir Musical production are comprised entirely of UCSD students, and we are always looking for new faces that are interested in being a part of any of these integral parts of our annual production.


There are many people involved in making such a production possible, ranging from those you see at the show to those found behind the scenes. Learn about who does what within the organization.

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The Muir Musical was launched in 1991 by a Muir sophomore, Orrin Webber, with a vision for this production to provide an outlet for students interested in musical theatre who were NOT necessarily theatre majors. Before graduating, Orrin directed the Muir Musical’s first three productions: PippinInto the Woods, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. Except for one single-year hiatus, the Muir Musical has put on a full-scale Broadway musical production every year since its inception. It is the largest and only completely student directed and produced musical theatre event on campus.

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Our full scale theater production would not be possible without our amazing sponsors. Again – Thank you for helping us to continually entertain UCSD and the community!

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