Auditions for Cast

Week 8

Singing Auditions: Monday – Wednesday, November 14th-16th
Dance Auditions: Thursday, November 17th
Callbacks: Saturday, November 19th

1. Sign-up for one 5 minute singing slot either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

2. Sign-up for one group dance slot on Thursday.
3. Show up 15 minutes early to your audition for paper work.

*  If you have conflicts for any of the dates please contact Muir Musical


  •  2 songs, about 16 bars (1min)
    • a 16-bar(1 minute) song from the musical theatre cannon, but NOT from Rent the Musical.
    • a 16-bar pop/rock song from mainstream radio, 60s or later.
  • Dance audition on Thursday (Do not need to prepare)
  • No monologue needed
  • You will need a photo (headshots not required, but face must be clear)
  • We will test vocal range

If you are called back please leave Saturday November 19th open. Callbacks will also be held in Galbraith Hall from 12pm – 5pm. Cast will be announced that Monday.

*We will have a piano accompanist there if you wish to use a piano score, as well as a CD and mp3 player, a cappella will also be accepted (standard).



More info:

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