Orchestra Auditions

Audition slots for orchestra are not yet available. If you are interested in joining orchestra, please email info@muirmusical.org at this time. Locations and time slots will be available soon.

What to Prepare

  1.  Please prepare ~32 bars (no more than 1 minute) of a piece that you feel comfortable with and that showcases your talent. If you have an extra copy of your sheet music, please bring a copy to your audition.
  2. We may also provide you with another piece to prepare, and will email you when it has become available for practice.
  3.  Other tasks you may anticipate in your audition include, but are not limited to:
    • Sight-Reading
    • Performing  Scales and Chords
    • Answering Basic Music Theory Questions


  1. Please email the following to info@muirmusical.org with Subject Line as [First Name Last Name Orchestra Audition Paperwork] (e.g. John Smith Orchestra Audition Paperwork) as well as bring a hard copy of the following to your audition:


Flute I
Flute II (Flute, Piccolo)
Flute III (Flute, Piccolo)
Oboe I
Oboe II
Clarinet I (Bb Clarinet, Eb Clarinet)
Clarinet II (Bb Clarinet, Tenor Sax)
Bassoon I
Bassoon II
Horn I
Horn II
Horn III
Horn IV
Trumpet I
Trumpet II
Trumpet III
Trombone I
Trombone II
Trombone III
Percussion I
Percussion II
Percussion III
Synth (Moog)
Guitar I
Guitar II
Bass Guitar
Violin I
Violin II
Double Bass