Production Staff

2015 – 2016 Production Staff

Director: Aubrey Oxley
Musical Director: Kyle Fanene
Assistant Musical Director:
Choreographer: Victoria Capuchino

Technical Directors: Ben Hsu, Reina Ishii
stume Designer:
Assistant Costume Designer:
Lighting Designer: Cameron Flannery
Assistant Lighting Designer:
Sound Designer: Dylan Nielsen
Make-Up Designer:
Hair and Wig Designer:
Prop Master: 

Production Stage Manager: Nathan Harper
First Assistant Stage Manager: Abraham Cheung
Second Assistant Stage Manager: Melissa Morrow
Production Assistants: Kendra Toy, Jacqueline Chan, Rita Navarro, Lily Joo, Krystle Montgomery, Blake Ramirez

Director of Finance: Karan Lala
Assistant Director of Finance: Kathleen Kao
Associate Director of Fundraising:
Associate Director of Sponsorship:

Marketing Directors: Christian Gerard Gella, Shaira Tuazon
Assistant Marketing Director: Jenna Dern
Publicity Videographer: Natalyn Pow
Publicity Photographer: Samantha Rae Andico
Graphic Designer: Alice Hsieh

Education & Outreach
Education & Outreach Director: Jennifer Alcalde
Assistant Education & Outreach Director: Kathleen Kao
Associate Director of Community & Campus Outreach:

Director of Development: Carlisle Boyle
Assistant Director of Development:
Associate Director of Alumni Affairs:
Associate Director of Events:

Run Crew
Sound Board Operator:
Wireless Runner:
SFX Playback:
Light Board Operator: Ben Hsu
            Spot Light Operators:

Stage Hands: